Malicious Prosecution, Harrasment, and False Arrest 1994-2009.  Should their names be released?  

I There are those certain to believe the documented "history" of alleged corruption in our community and those that would not. Such as the crown's persecution of 14 charges against me that were ultimately dismissed withdrawn or no evidence. Why I spend 60 days in jail for allegedly spitting on somebody when even at that trial the witness had my vehicle make and colour wrong. Why would a local attorney say there is no grounds for appeal? Should he be asked public ally? Or ask the judge why sent to jail for 60 days? Why did judge recuse himself from my CAS proceedings? Just to name a few.

n February 2001, the province transferred responsibility for the Provincial Offences Act to the City of Greater Sudbury. 
The municipalities are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Provincial Offences Office, the Ministry of the Attorney General continues to be responsible for the integrity of the Provincial Offences Court process. Does the City have the right to collect 10 year old parking tickets?   City employees who take advantage of the system and fix parking should be disciplined and exposed -- unfortunately however it's all done behind closed doors. First revealed in the 2007 auditor general's fraud and waste hotline annual report, a city employee asked a fellow employee -- neither was named -- to cancel parking tickets for family and friends OR pull out tickets that have already been paid and harrass citizens who embarass city officials. "If a city employee will do this, what else will they do if given the opportunity? I think this is an employee you cannot trust," he told the Sun. "I'd have to be shown strong reasons why this employee was not dismissed, if in fact that's the case." Even Toronto Mayor David Miller said in some cases the public should be made aware of disciplinary action, specifically when staff are fired or abuse their powers. You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive or have lived in Sudbury.

August 19, 2009- EXTORTION
 I recieved a "Final Notice" for 3 parking tickets from 1999. This is the first notice that I ever recieved in 10 years!!  There is no name on the notice that threatens to suspend my licensce if payment is not recieved. I'm sure I paid the tickets and have renewed my license several times since. Canada has a 6-month statute of limitations on summary (non-indictable) offenses. Important Information for Ontario Motorists Failure to pay the parking fine imposed, upon conviction will result in your Ontario Vehicle Permit not being renewed. The Ministry of the Attorney General, Defaulted Fine Control Centre will register "plate denial" against your licence plate. Renewal of your licence plate will not be issued to you until the fine, all courts costs and fees have been paid. Why was I able to renew my license sticker every year since? If you have unpaid parking tickets, you have to pay them before getting your sticker. Unless you live in Sudbury and one corrupt official covers the others back. From the MTO website: At the time of renewal, any outstanding parking fines, posted against the plates must be paid in full before a validation sticker is issued. Who are the individuals responsible for re-posting these tickets?

Crown Attorney's office allowed the cas to break the law by allowing them to contrevene the Corporations Act. This office made it clear that they will protect so-called public coporations like the CAS rather than the ordinary citizen.  Government for the people? Not!  This is how the Crown Attorney protects us from the Corporation of the City of Sudbury or violations of civil liberities committed by Sudbury Regional Police.  So there you have it...the untouchables...City council, CAS, Police and Crown Attorney who are nothing more bullies terrorizing whom they choose, breaking the law all accountable to themselves.   


Accountability abondons ship in Sudbury!