Sale and Bidder Agreements

Terms & Conditions of the Sale

1. The following Terms and Conditions, as amended by any posted notices or announcements by the seller

 during the period of sale  constitute the entire agreement between the  guest
consignors if any (or individually the “Sellers”), on the one hand, and Bidders and Buyers at on the

other hand. In any case where there is a difference in terms and conditions between this Bidder

Agreement and the Contract for Purchase, the Contract for Purchase between the Buyers and

Sellers will supersede the Bidder Agreement.

2.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility to review and understand each agreement they


3. Terms: Cash/Check paid in full or Finance Options, stated below, are available. Sellers may

accept other terms and define these terms in the Contract for Purchase. Cash/Check or down

payments must be made to the Seller on the day of this sale, with payment in full before delivery

of the said domain name.  Seller’s may hold delivery of a domain pending checks clearing or require a

certified check .

4. Delivery: The domain name will pass to the Buyer upon full payment of the purchase

price. The Buyer must sign and execute a Contract for Purchase

upon acceptance of their bid by the Seller. Please write your full name and address clearly.

5. Registration Papers: All registration papers will be delivered to the Buyer upon the Seller's

receipt of full payment of the purchase price and when checks clear the bank. Buyer is

responsible for all transfer fees.

6. Default of Purchase: If any Bidder/Buyer shall purchase a lot and fail to pay for it in the

manner described above, the Seller shall have, in addition to all other legal rights, the right to

resell the domain, or at Seller's option, bring an action for specific performance, in which event the

defaulting Buyer agrees to pay all costs of such suit, together with all reasonable attorney's fees

and costs. In the event of a resale, the defaulting Buyer agrees to pay all costs of resale, plus any

deficiency between the original total purchase price and the total purchase price upon resale.

7. Catalog: Every effort has been made to assure correctness of the sale catalog, The

 Seller is responsible for errors or omissions. Any corrections made to the sale

catalog at the time of the sale from the Seller shall supersede the sale catalog.

8. No Liability: Any person attending the sale, whether as a Buyer, observer, or the agent,

employee or assign of any person, does so at their own risk and no liability, duties, obligations,

and/or responsibilities of any kind or nature shall be imposed upon the Sellers, or "guest sellers", or

any of their respective employees or agents, for any  damage and/or

other harm regardless of cause .

9. Disclaimer of liability of the Sellers the Sellers or any of their

respective employees or agents or guests, make any representation or warranties whatsoever with respect to

the sale or transfer of domain name changes.

10. Bidders agree to hold the Sellers harmless from damages in the event there is a change of

 change of time or date, or cancellation or similar modification of this sale event.

11. Authorized Agents: Persons acting as agents must so indicate when signing the Contract for

Purchase and provide notarized Agent documentation signed by the principal buyer. Both the

agent and the principal are responsible for all actions of the agent and agree to terms in .Sale and Bidders Agreement.

12. Withdrawal Rights: The Seller reserve the right to withdraw any domain name

from the sale without liability to anyone.


I. On-Line Bids: On-Line bids are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Sale.

Neither the Sellers, nor any Agents will be responsible for any errors in or failure

to execute On-Line bids.

2. Selling dates and due dates may or may not be announced at the sale; these dates are for your information

only and shall not be deemed to be representations or warranties.

Bidding for the Sale:

1. Bidders are encouraged to make an offer by secret ballot on the day of the sale or

via the online bidding form for more information.

2. Domain names are also available for sale privately from the Seller prior to the day of the

sale. Online bids received prior to the day of the sale will be referred to the Seller

for private sale consideration.

3.  It is the Bidder’s responsibility to provide a name,  e-mail address, phone number where

they can be reached to discuss their bid with the Seller in case the bid terms need to

be negotiated.

4. Periodically throughout the sale event, domain names will be reviewed for bids; and  with

bids will be closed for bidding until the bid(s) are accepted or declined The domain name may or may not be announced as sold,

5. All bids are welcome and are a contractual commitment by the bidder to purchase if

accepted by the Seller.

6. Throughout the on line bidding of  the sale, seller’s will consider all reasonable bids and will privately discuss with

the Bidders before accepting or declining the bids. It is at the Seller’s discretion

whether or not bids  are accepted.

7. Bids equal to or greater than the “Suggested Price” are a contractual commitment

for the Seller to Sell, provided the Financing Option are one of the options

published below.

8. In the case of Bidder ties (same bid amount with matching Finance Options) the

Bidders will be asked to bid again silently. This process will be repeated until the

tie is broken or the Bidders indicate that they have made their final offer.

9. In the unlikely event of a tie with matching Finance Options, where the tied

Bidders have bid for the final time, the lowest bidder number will prevail.

10. In ties with different Financing Options, it is at the Seller’s discretion, which bid to


11. Bidders may contractually specify that they require financing terms other than the

Financing Options published below; however, there is no obligation for the Seller

to accept these bids.

12. By registering the Sellers and Bidders agree to sign or electronically accept this Bidding and Sales Agreement.

Financing Options for this Sale:

1. Cash/Check for immediate possession.

2. Financing:

a. 25% or minimum $2,500 down, financing at 0% interest for 12 months.

b. 25% or minimum $2,500 down, financing at a fixed rate of 4% interest for 24


c. 25% or minimum $2,500 down, financing at a fixed rate of 6% interest for 36

d. other finacing option .

Down payments are due and payable to the Seller the day of the sale.

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